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Healthy diet plays an important role in health promotion and disease prevention. One of the objects is to raise awareness about right eating habits during school age, referring to 10-15 ages which has a great impact on future living to prevent common well fare diseases. Nowadays,  changing in life style and lack of nutrition literacy have created unhealthy dietary patterns causing for many non-communicable diseases. Therefore many international institutions concentrate on diets and health. According to WHO reports, the major NCDs,  such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and mental disorders, account for 86 % of deaths and 77 % of the disease. 

Worldwide, obesity prevalence has doubled since 1980: In 2008, 1.46 billion adults were overweight and one-third of those were obese. Obesity is considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the greatest public health challenge for the 21st century. WHO childhood obesity and overweight report says Childhood obesity is of particular concern since obese children are likely to remain obese into adulthood and are more likely to develop NCDs, such as diabetes and cancer at younger age.

One of the main aim of this project is to enable our students and teachers to broaden their knowledge about healthy food and develop the ability of making conscious choice of healthy eating.


The activities are directed at improving students competence in English through the possibility of working with an international team and by hosting students from partner countries during the visits cultural awareness and the desire and necessity of learning a foreign language will increase. The activities are also directed at improving students competence in acquiring various IT skills in the learning process and also teaching the students to make active health choices. It will also develop their awareness of the connection between healthy eating and a healthy body and how you can, as a young European,  tackle the big challenge of for example obesity and the diseases followed, which is a huge European problem today. For teachers involved the main aim is to discuss teaching methods according to the topic and develop higher skills according to health education.

We aim to find ways to teach the students how to eat right from a nutritious point of view and compare on an European level how the different school systems prioritize the question of healthy eating in the schools. We hope that by providing our students with a broad knowledge of these issues we will improve their awareness of the importance of a healthy living and giving them grounds for making  smart life choices and to compare your own living  with other parts of Europe. Our students will at the same time during the project improve both language and technical skills.

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